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Fatigue Overwrap Field Parka Dyneema®/Hunter Green


透湿防水素材を使用したフィールドパーカー。コットンライクなタスラン糸に、特殊ウレタン透湿フィルムをラミネートした素材を採用。耐水圧は20,000mm。後ろ身頃には収納式のザックカバーをデザイン。素材にはダイニーマコンポジットファブリックを使用。通称Cuben Fiber/ キューベン・ファイバーと呼ばれ、超軽量にもかかわらず非常に強靭なポリエチレン繊維でできており、重量ベースで見た場合、鉄の15倍、アラミド繊維の40%以上の強さを持つ。水、紫外線、化学薬品に対して優れた耐久性があり、防弾ベストにも使用されている特殊素材を採用。

Breathable waterproof field parka. Utilizes a fabric that is comprised of cotton-like taslan fibers which are laminated in a special urethane film. 20,000mm water pressure resistance. Back section is designed to double as a pack cover. Utilizes Dyneema_ composite fabric. Also known as Cuben Fiber, its strength-to-weight ratio makes it the strongest fiber in the world- 15 times that of steel, and 40% over that of aramid fiber. Durable against water, ultraviolet rays and chemicals, its strength has also been utilized in bullet proof vests. Pack cover can be opened and closed via quick release fastener. This piece can open up all at once by pulling the fastener past its traditional closure and is adjustable, even with one hand, via magnetic hardware.


Size 1,2,3
Color Hunter Green
Quality Nylon 100%