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Dress Satin Reversible 4Way JKT/Lamp Black


4wayリバーシブルジャケット。通常のリバーシブルに加え、裾部分から裏返すことで4通りのパターンで着用が可能。1着で多様な着回しができるように設計した。ノーカラーのMA1デザイン、U.S.AIR FORCEのベストをレイヤードした様なデザイン等、それぞれの面の見え方の振り幅も特徴。様々な表情を持つので、インナーとの組み合わせもしやすく汎用性が高い。例えば荷物を極力少なくしたい旅行の時等を想定してデザインした。

4way reversible jacket. . In addition to traditional reversible stylings, this jacket can be inverted from the hem to reveal 2 more patterns. Comprised of a no collar MA1 and layered U.S. Air Force vest designfor various styling options. A multi-faceted piece that offers maximum versatility when combined with innerwear. Ideal piece for travelling light.
A rarity among leather, this fabric is a medium satin fake leather. Visually can be mistake for real leather. Chintz finished lustre surface is air tumble treated to bring about brightness and bounce. High power stretch, water repellent, washable. Various designs can be enjoyed through differences in cuts and front and back fabrics.


Size 1,2,3,4
Color 別注
Quality Polyester 100%