2024SS / OUTER

Air Window Shell JKT/Carbon Black



コットンライクな軽量タスランタフタをベースに特殊ウレタン透湿フィルムをラミネートした3レイヤー素材。 本格的なアウトドア仕様の極めて高い機能性と、日常的にストレスなく着用できるしなやかさを持ち合わせている。UV機能に加え、耐水圧20,000mm以上、透湿度 18,000g/?の3層テクノロジーが雨や風を防ぎ、 快適さをキープする。

Unnamed brand collaboration, reissued shell jacket. Specialized air window design details applied through thermos compression bonding. Original seam tape applied along seams for complete waterproofness. Places such as the hood and gusseted pockets feature reflective material that reflect light against the matte and clear areas. Adjustable drawcord hood and hem. Clear watch window detail along the cuff.

Cotton-like lightweight taffeta base with clear urethane laminated 3 layer fabric. Appropriate for serious outdoor environments as well as stress-free daily wear. UV-cut properties. Water resistant rating of over 20,000mm and moisture permeable rating of 18,000g/? to comfortably protect the wearer against rain and wind.


Size 1,2,3,4
Color Carbon Black
Quality Nylon 100%